Jesse Galena - RexiconJesse

120+ quirky, magical, low-powered items for tabletop RPGs to encourage creativing thinking without breaking the game
A session zero strategy for increasing player interaction, world cohesion, and fun by having a stellar first session.
Making folk in fantasy TTRPGs unique & fun to play without racist undertones condensed into one page each
60 re-imagined and new status effects for every RPG
A tavern where each of the 18 NPCs has a name, place in the pub, distinct look, personality, quirk, and even a quest.
A collection of nine connected, horror-fantasy short stories.
Generate an NPC with a distinct look, personality, quest, and more
Quests, complications, rewards, rivals, and cryptic omens from the gods. And a deity generator too.
Unique encounters for beasts, fugitives, and otherworldly creatures
3 All Dice Tables that provide life-changing events for NPCs while the party was away.
You play a game within a game, and that game is to know every exploit, hidden mechanic, and piece of lore you can find.
The stats of an item are tertiary to how it looks and if you can build a fashionable set to go with it.
Role Playing
Your love for others and desire to build social connections outclasses your character’s actual in-game powers.
Fighting isn’t the only thing you enjoy, but it is the most exciting.
You have the latest, most advancedhacking software available, and have no idea how it works.
What could 6e play like? (6e Game Jam Entry)