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As a gamemaster, giving your players magic items feels good. As a player, getting them feels good too. But too often the items, canon or homebrew, are either so dull they collect dust in the player’s inventory - or worse, so overpowered you risk upsetting the balance between players or the entire narrative of your campaign.

In an ocean of +1 Swords of Genericism, Grinderbin's Mobile Market of Ridiculous Magic Items is a collection of over 120 strange and unique magic items designed to be fun for players without breaking your game. Both quirky and quick to put into play, every piece of armor, weapon, tool, and hovering donkey is created and curated to inspire—and require—the creativity of everyone at the table.

There’s nothing as dull as a Froststone Maul or as dangerous as the Deck of Ruining Campaigns in Grinderbin’s shop. These items invite players to interact with them regularly in all aspects of the game. That enables you, the Gamemaster, to give them out frequently and get the joy of seeing your players smile.Their quirks and oddities are a feature, not a bug: fun enough for a little side-quest or just to add unique flavor to an existing narrative within your world.

What do you say? Up for a bit of adventure with your purchase?

*All items and the adventure are system and level agnostic, allowing them to work with whatever RPG you prefer and so you can use them for characters of any level.

A 78 page document containing:

  • 120+ ridiculous magic items (weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry, and more) with effects, a sales pitch, an upgrade path, and art for each
  • All items are system and power-level agnostic, so you can use them in any system and for players of any experience level
  • A friendly, fleshed-out dikarya NPC (Grinderbin) you can insert anywhere and in any campaign due to their mobile market
  • An complete adventure written by Steffie de Vaan to introduce players to Grinderbin, their mobile market, new allies, and new adversaries. It also provides plot hooks to tie events into your story, and gives methods to expand your narrative with new characters and plot points the adventure provides

In addition, you'll get a folder that contains each item as a separate image organized by category; allowing you to easily share items via virtual table tops, Discord, or print them out to make fancy cards.

Check out the WTF Is My Ridiculous Magic Item Generator at tinyurl.com/RidiculousMagicItem (or https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l8PhVSxlUbj-4VncFRXWQReLBmS4mou34M2iK6BT... if you want the direct link).

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, try one of these:


Get this game and 642 more for $10.00 USD
View bundle
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On Sale!
-100% Off
$12.00 $24.00 USD or more

This game is temporarily more expensive! Learn more

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Is it possible to get a physical copy? or is it just digital? 

Possibly. I have some physical zines from the Kickstarter and can make more. Does itch have a good way to gather addresses and such? Or another service that makes shipping zines easy and safe for buyers?

I'm not sure on that front

Bummer. I'll have to look into safe and secure methods for buyers. Otherwise, just crowdfunding events and buying directly from me at cons at the moment. Sorry it's not a better answer.


are you at MCM Comic-Con in London in October?

I WISH! I don't think I'm quiiiite big enough of a celebrity in the gaming space and game designer for them to get me a ticket and room for the event. But if they did, you better believe I'd be there!


This looks like such a fun tool to use! I hope this isn't rude to ask, but would there be a chance for community copies to be restocked someday? If not, thank you anyway!

Just for asking, I added 40 new community copies in and put it on sale for those who want to purchase to support. I hope you enjoy it.

Was able to get a copy, thank you so much for the opportunity! <3

You're welcome. I hope it brings much fun to your table.


Very fun writing, I wish I had some of these items

With this book, you can have ALL of these items (in your game)!

Thank you for the compliment about the writing. It was a blast to write and Steffie's adventure in it is also fun and really well written.


I was gonna buy the TTRGP for trans rights bundle any way, but as soon as I saw this I HAD to buy the bundle. I'm running a Pathfinder 2e campaign now and these are perfect, I will defiently be putting Grinderbin in my parties main hub town and getting them to purchase some items.

Thank you for supporting the trans rights bundle! And thank you for commenting! It means a lot to see folks enjoying my work.

PF2 is a fun system. I'm glad to see someone use it with that. I hope you and your players enjoy it and you enjoy it.

I also uploaded a backgroundless PNG of Grinderbin if you need their image or the game.