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The villain and their plan are living, changing things

The villain didn’t start off as a villain. They had a (possibly normal) life, and then one thing led to another. Likewise, their plan for domination, destruction, or other deviant deeds is just as fluid and subject to change given outside influences or personal choices.

With a roll of the dice, you can use these 3 All Dice Tables to generate or influence your villain’s backstory, plan, and the boons and banes they discover while enacting it. You can use them individually to help give your villain a more dynamic story or you can roll all three and let that guide you on the goal of your next campaign. Or you can read the tables and let it be an influence to you. You can do whatever you want. It’s your game.

 This book contains 3 All Dice Tables to make your villain and their plan more entertaining and dynamic:

  • One Thing Led to Another… The Origins of a Villain
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to the Villain’s Multipoint Plan
  • The Unexpected Banes and Boons They Experienced for Their Plan

Written by Jesse Galena and Thomas George.

All Dice Table Collections:

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This sounds pretty cool and useful to create villains backgrounds in a second. Thank you I guess I'll keep it next to me for my upcoming solo games!


Thanks! I'm thrilled you think it's useful.