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Every person and creature you encounter has their own goals, fears, and Idiosyncrasies.

No two folk or creatures are the same. One ratkin you meet fears drowning and by extension the feel of liquids fills them with dread. Another seeks challenge above all else and will rise to the occasion no matter how dire the situation seems. Likewise, one giant cane toad may attack a party because it is starving and will pursue prey, while another is simply protecting its young and will cease once the threat retreats far enough away.

With the roll of a set of dice, you can generate a unique encounter of four different kinds. This All Dice Table provides everything from the appearance of the creature to its goals, how to defeat it without fighting, the loot it drops if defeated, and more. You can use these as a guide to create your own unique encounters, pick and choose your favorites, or use them as-is and generate something new for everyone at the table. Do what fits your game best.

 This book contains 4 All Dice Tables to make encounters with specific foes unique and memorable:

  • Fugitive Encounters (Serious)
  • Fugitive Encounters (Silly)
  • Unique Otherworldly Creature Encounters
  • Unique Beast Encounters

Written by Jesse Galena and Thomas George.


  • Choose which All Dice Table you want to use
  • Grab these six dice:
    • d4 (four-sided die)
    • d6 (six-sided die)
    • d8 (eight-sided die)
    • d10 (ten-sided die)
    • d12 (twelve-sided die)
    • d20 (twenty-sided die)
  • Roll all six dice
  • Read the text in the top right column of the table followed by the text for the corresponding number you rolled for that die
  • Together, they make up a blueprint for what the NPC has been doing. Interpret as you see fit, be it literal or as a way to influence your own ideas


If you rolled a 2 (d4), 6 (d6), 2 (d8) 3 (d10), 6 (d12), and 16 (d20) on the Fugitive Encounters (Serious) table, your unique encounter would be:

You encounter... a traveling band that lulls people to sleep but always gives them great dreams folks don’t want to wake from, allowing them to rob people with ease. They’re well-funded, giving them access to incredible equipment. Additionally, they’re always willing to make a deal, so long as they come out on top. Their current goal is to… bring in all of the other fugitives around them in because one of them are actually an undercover agent, so if they can side with the party to defeat the rest, they will. If you defeat it, you will find a satchel full of strange flesh that can be grafted to a wound and heal it completely. Another way to win is by saving someone dear to them.

All Dice Table Collections:


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