Update #1: Blemmyes Are Now Available

It started when I shared this image and my pal u/dioiioib told me they were an entire group of fantasy folk with a name: Blemmyes (who are also called "headless men" but that's silly because... well, look at 'em.) This led me down a rabbit hole and started discussing how their anatomy would work with fellow creators u/Mimir-ion and u/PantherophisNiger. Things got out of hand with ideas and writing, so now we're here.

I present for your enjoyment: Blemmyes: the first folk added to One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk since it’s launch earlier this year. It's a free update, so  just download the latest version to get the file with blemmyes in it.

Thanks for staying awesome!

- Jesse Galena


One Page Lore Fantasy Folk - Jesse Galena.pdf 3 MB
Sep 14, 2020

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