Bundle for Racial Justic and Equality - Happy to Be Here

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality has raised (at time of writing) over $3.8 MILLION for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and Community Bail Fun. 

One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk has three pillars

  • Separate nature from nurture to remove race-based tropes (orcs are evil, elves are snooty, etc.)
  • Showcase what makes different folk unique and fun
  • Be quick to read so you can start playing sooner

So when my partner saw this bundle was happening, I released the book early so I could put it into the bundle. Fantasy and reality aren't the same, but our reality influences our fictional worlds, and I want people to work toward incorporating more inclusion in both. And I hope that's what One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk does for people within the RPG community.

So if you donated for the bundle, THANK YOU. Enjoy this and many more projects as you keep fighting for equality.

Stay safe out there, and enjoy some games while your at it.

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Thanks for putting this together and offering it in the bundle.  I'm really not much of a gamer but I wanted to support the cause.  I'm glad this was included and downloaded it to use as references for races in some fantasy/litRPG books I'm writing ^__^